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New York City has adopted the National Fire Protection Agency Standard (NFPA 25) as a matter of Law. New York City is one of the few large cities worldwide that had yet to adopt this standard and the FDNY and insurance company underwriters have now fully embraced this new standard. NFPA 25 is positioned to fully ensure compliance for all applicable facilities. Compliance helps maximize system integrity to avoid failure and ensure fast, effective response in a fire emergency. This inspection standard is a significantly more detailed and comprehensive inspection requirement than we all have been used to in the past 30 years. NFPA 25 has more specific inspections for monthly, quarterly, and annual testing. The reports consist of information relative to the conditions of water supply, gravity and pressure tanks, valves, risers, piping, sprinkler heads, fire department connections, alarms, fire/booster/special service pumps, internal obstructions, and conditions of all other system equipment.

​Due to the recent influx of violations we are receiving for non-compliance with sprinkler & standpipe record keeping, VIP Fire Sprinklers has opened a new division of inspections, maintenance & testing. This new division falls under the umbrella of NFPA 25, which will fully insure 100% compliance with FDNY when it comes to the inspection, testing , & maintenance of sprinkler & standpipe systems. This new system that VIP is fully implementing into the way we conduct our inspections requires a maintenance & testing side which will require full cooperation from the commercial areas of your buildings where sprinkler and or standpipe is located. The Sprinkler maintenance and testing part may include testing of alarm devices ensuring your central stations are receiving signals, opening and closing O.S.Y. Control Valves, changing out a sprinkler heads for inline pipe inspection, cleaning and servicing lower check valves & alarm valves which for the most part are usually located in basement. The Standpipe maintenance and testing part of this will include needing access to the stairwells to take pressure readings from hose outlets, detailed inspection of the fire hoses, which are required to be replaced every 3 years. This is a very in-depth type of inspection, maintenance and testing, which will inevitably cost us more to perform on each building. However being in complete compliance with FDNY & NFPA Standards will save you a significant amount of possible future violations, & more importantly give you peace of mind knowing the lives & property in your buildings have the most efficient working systems in the city and will operate satisfactory if need be.

NFPA is vital to your properties safety as well as your businesses safety. NFPA 25 ensures business safety because in the event there is a fire, building owners can be subjected to both civil liability and some cases criminal charges for knowingly failing to comply with NFPA 25 standards. VIP Fire Sprinklers, Inc has currently implemented NFPA 25 in its everyday business and have currently begun scheduling for the 2019-2020 year. Scheduling will be done a first come first serve basis and spots are filling up fast! If you currently have an annual contract for monthly visual inspection with us you will be given a discounted price. Please contact us immediately to schedule your inspection so that we can write up the appropriate contracts and paperwork or if you have any questions please feel free to call us! 

*All appointments/scheduling please e-mail us at: VIPNFPA25@GMAIL.COM